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Perfect, Simple, Easy. Thank you!

Unequivocally the best emergency response app! Don't change a thing! Thanks to Robert Dillon, for letting it be known on how to change the number and delay... Instructions should have been in the description. I changed the time delay to 0, and left the number as 911. I always keep the first (far left) home screen empty on my iPhone 4s, and decided to keep this app there to avoid accidentally launching it.

Great Response

This app was featured on Atlanta's ABC TV station last weekend. I installed it on my phone and the next day I unknowingly hit the button and did not know it until I heard a woman asking what the problem was. I explained my mistake. She asked for my info I thought for their records. We live in a rural area 70 miles south of Atlanta. In less than ten minutes neighbors across the road called ask what was wrong as the police had been shining a light all over our property. At the same time an officer knocked on our door to talk to us. I thought it was wonderful the Help Me dispatcher did not just take my word for it and actually sent help! Now if I can just figure out where I can put the icon to have it ready but out of the way too!

Great app

That person that says it's terrible since they can't change the settings is just dumb! Go to settings scroll to the bottom and hit "help me" than change the timing or phone number! This app has saved me before!


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Great app

It's works great what you do change time delays is you go into the settings of the iPhone itself and push the help me icon and you change the delay and the number it's great a must have

Can't get to settings!

As soon as I start the app, it goes into a 5 second countdown to calling 911. The only option I have on that screen is to Cancel, which then closes the how do you get to settings to enter a different phone number, or a different delay time??

Nice app, thank you

I wish the reviewer below who gave this app a "nothing" review read the directions before hitting send. I liked this app for it's simplicity. You can change the ergency number and put in a delay time before calling. One downside for me personally. After tapping the icon, one must also tap "call". If you don't tap "call," no emergency call is placed. This is a downside because in an actual emergency, your state of mind may not allow you to remember to hang on and tap that second button. App is nice, I see why the second tap is needed for some, just wish I had the option to "call without delays.". Nice app.


I just recently (like 10 minutes ago) realized I hit this button and saw it was dialing and freaked out and stopped it. Time went on and no curteousy phone call and no police knocking on my door. So take it as it is. MAYBE just maybe I was able to stop it in time.

Simple and effective

This is for my Mom to use in emergencies. Does one thing and does it well.

A must for iPhone users

This app is one of those things "that gives you peace of mind to have, but hope you'll never have to use it." I've had to dial 911 on my iPhone and it's a real detrement to have to go into the phone menu, to the keypad, and dial it. Especially if you are panicked, and your nerves are interfering with your brain/motor function. The timer feature (that enables you to cancel the call in case you accidentally press it) is one of the features that helped me to chose this app over others.

Emergency Call mode NOT faster

If you want to dial via the iPhone emergency call, you have to have your phone set to turn on Passcode Lock immediately, or maybe after a minute (annoying either way.). Then you have to make 5 keystrokes (Swipe, Emergency Call, 9, 1, 1) instead of the 2 (swipe, launch) you would typically need with this (depending) on how often you have your Passcode Lock turn on.


This app is great!! Not everyone knows how to use an iPhone. More so when your in trouble!! iPhone takes too long to get to the keypad to make a call. AWESOME APP!!!

Great idea!

I know - it's not hard to dial just three digits but you forget something... as there is a fast-growing numbers of deaf/hard of hearing iPhone owners AND they cannot use dialing as they're on special plan which eliminates the able to "call" on iPhone. They rely ONLY on text messages, email and internet. That's it. SO this is a blessing...


I love this app. Perfect speed dailing to any phone number through iphone settings! Get it!

Great idea - will be better if automatically turns airplane mode off

It would be great if this application will automatically turn off airplane mode so a one touch will generate a 911 call even if the iPhone is in airplane mode

Nice, simple app and important to have!

Convenient to have and nice to put on the main dock.

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